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Conversion Rate Optimisation (feat. Chris Dayley)

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In this episode, Rob and Jonathan are talking to Chris Dayley, who specialises in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Chris helps people improve their conversion rates as part of their paid advertising strategy. They discuss two techniques that you can apply immediately to your paid advertising strategy. And even if you’re not running ads, there’s a technique you can use to improve conversion rates on your website. 
Listen now to learn:
  • Why improving your conversion rates is a big win
  • What makes a good A/B test (if you haven’t heard of A/B testing then you really should listen to this podcast!)
  • Where most people get stuck when running an A/B test
  • Why it’s essential to begin with a good business question
  • Why you don’t need super design skills to run A/B tests
  • The first two A/B tests you can run with any new landing page or advert to get started.
  • Why you don’t want to be making assumptions until you have data
  • How to run an Existence Test on your homepage
  • How much traffic do you need before you can run A/B tests
To find out more about Chris, visit or on LinkedIn @chrisdayley.

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August 20, 2020

The True Impact of Page Load Speed on Paid Ads (feat. Dan Wilkinson)

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Page speed has been a big thing in SEO for a long time. But many people don’t realise that page speed is very important for paid advertising too.

Dan Wilkinson started work as an AdWords consultant, but was always deeply interested in Google Analytics. He noticed a few years ago that Google and Facebook were penalising certain advertisers without notice or reason. He started spotting patterns: the things that looked like ad fatigue in Facebook or low impression share in Google were in fact indicators of poor page load speed.

Listen now to learn:

  • The typical difference in conversion rate between 2 and 3 seconds
  • Why most web developers are ill-equipped to improve site speed
  • The difference between a ‘web developer’ and a ‘web optimiser’
  • Where the tipping point in performance now lies
  • How improving your paid speed can improve ad profitability, without changing your ads
  • Why Google has introduced ‘Core Web Vitals’, and why it matters
  • The points deduction on page speed for each incremental second in load time
  • What Google is measuring in terms of page speed and user experience
  • The three measurements Google really cares about
  • How to improve performance with lazy loading
  • Page speed advice for Shopify users
  • Page speed comments on all the main ecommerce platforms
  • Page speed challenges with WordPress
  • The fastest Shopify and WordPress themes
  • The fastest non-WordPress page builder
  • A myth surrounding Google Analytics page load time
  • Why blindly pasting tracking codes into the head of the page can slow page load time by 10-15 seconds
  • How to achieve a 98-100 page speed score
  • The page speed problems caused by video
  • What fonts improve page speed (and which ones harm it!)

Dan’s website is (notice also how fast it loads!)

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July 19, 2020

The Professional Approach To LinkedIn Ads (feat. AJ Wilcox)

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When we talk to people about LinkedIn ads, we usually hear objections such as:

  • “Do they really work?” (Yes)
  • “Aren’t they expensive?” (Cost per qualified lead can be low)

It is time to debunk these myths. LinkedIn have put a lot of work recently into their advertising platform. On this episode, we interview LinkedIn Ads expert AJ Wilcox. On the call AJ explained:

  • What ad format to run with 95% of the time
  • Whether to use single image or single video ads
  • Whether to write long or short copy ads
  • Why people go to LinkedIn, and how they respond to ads
  • How we now have engagement retargeting on LinkedIn 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Why the targeting options on LinkedIn are essential for B2B marketing
  • What customer lifetime value you need to run LinkedIn ads profitably
  • What kinds of offers work on LinkedIn (i.e. what to say in your LinkedIn ads)
  • How to get very senior people to respond to your ads
  • How long to run an offer before changing it
  • What is a reasonable testing budget for new LinkedIn advertisers
  • What’s the lowest budget you can spend to still see results
  • How to complement your paid LinkedIn efforts with organic networking
  • The breakdown between mobile and desktop impressions
  • The two biggest mistakes people make (i.e. how to avoid the ‘LinkedIn Stupidity Tax’)
  • How many ads to test at any time

AJ’s website:

AJ’s free LinkedIn ads checklist:

AJ’s podcast: The LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast

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Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequences (feat. Roland Eva)

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We’re all familiar with the concept of nurturing potential customers over the buying cycle. But how should you prioritise your efforts?

One approach is to use something called a ‘Behavioural Engagement Nurture Sequence’… where the marketing people receive from you is driven my the recency of their engagement.

Listen now to learn:

  • Why a long-form sales page can easily out-perform webinars and sales teams
  • How people really read (and re-read) sales pages
  • Whether to use a video sales letter or a long copy sales page (and the one exception)
  • How a behavioural engagement nurture sequence differs from a conventional nurture sequence
  • Why you need content in multiple formats
  • How many emails you really need to write
  • What to do with unengaged contacts
  • How to organise all your marketing nurture efforts around the principle RFM (recency, frequency and money)
  • What a Fibonacci sequence is, and how to incorporate it into your efforts

Roland’s website is The book Roland mentions is No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy..

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February 16, 2020

12 Effective Lead Magnets (feat. James Daniel)

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Offering a ‘lead magnet’ – an incentive for people subscribing to your email list, is a key ingredient in growing your audience.

The trouble is, most lead magnets don’t work as well as they used to. In this episode, copywriter James Daniel explains:
  • Why the humble ‘special report’ has taken a battering in recent years
  • Why lead magnet signup rates have tumbled
  • James’ insights from testing all kinds of lead magnets
  • 12-types of lead magnets to consider testing in your marketing
  • Why the title of your lead magnet is critically important… and how to get it right
  • How long your lead magnet should be
  • How to define the scope of your lead magnet
  • What to put on your lead magnet thank you pages
  • The difference between influence and manipulation
  • Whether to focus your lead magnet on pain or gain
To grab James’ full list of 12 effective lead magnets, email with ‘lead magnet’ in subject line.

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