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Rob Drummond

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June 6, 2019

The Marketing Tools We Use

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In this episode, we discuss nine marketing tools that we think you should pay attention to.

If you’re confused about which marketing tools to use, we’ll help you get started. Listen now to learn:

  • Why you’re probably asking the wrong marketing questions
  • Nine marketing tools we prefer
  • Why pen and paper can be your best marketing tool
  • Google Ads Editor vs’ Google Adwords. Which is better?
  • Why you should learn some basic design skills
  • Find a tool to easily document the ads that you set up
  • The URL shortening tool that can track sources
  • The essential tool that connects all other tools
  • Why you should spend some time to get to know your CRM system
  • The importance of using a landing page builder
  • Why you should get friendly with Messenger bots

Here’s the link to our conversation about Messenger Marketing and Bot Building.

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Paradigm Shift Ad Writing, with Chad Prince

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I (Rob) met Chad Prince in late 2018 at Perry Marshall’s Paradigm Shift ad writing workshop. At the workshop we spent two days working on Perry’s Swiss Army Knife ad writing method. We wanted to know: with enough creative minds in the room, could we quickly write 50 or 100 very different ads?
Listen now to learn:
  • The big hole people get stuck in when writing ads
  • How to apply the 80/20 principle to your ad testing
  • How to test a wide variety of ads without spending a fortune
  • How to kill ineffective ads quickly
  • How to accelerate the ads learning curve
  • How the Swiss Army Knife works
  • How to employ accelerated human creativity
  • Why to test both positive AND negative emotions
  • How to avoid getting emotionally attached to your ads
  • How to convert high-performing email subject lines into Google or Facebook ads
  • How to create banner ads on Google without a graphic designer
  • Why you’re ‘farming’ your ads, not setting and forgetting


Perry Marshall’s Swiss Army Knife tool training is available here. Perry’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing book (mentioned by Chad) is here. The Swiss Army Knife tool (also mentioned by Chad) is here.
Chad’s email address is  

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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

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In this episode Rob and Jonathan discuss Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Most of us are familiar with remarketing on Facebook or Google Display, but remarketing for search is generally under-used. Listen now to learn:
  • What RLSA is, how it works,
  • How RLSA is different to Google Display and Facebook remarketing
  • How RLSA can let you safely bid on broad match keywords
  • Why very detailed keyword research won’t give you the same insights
  • How to use a RLSA Discovery campaign to sharpen your keyword research
  • Traffic minimums needed for RLSA
  • Why remarketing clicks are no longer cheaper (and why this doesn’t matter)

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May 17, 2019

How to Hire a Google Ads Agency Without Losing Your Shirt

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We all need help with Google Ads from time to time. It’s a big system, and nobody can specialise in all of it.
The problem is, getting help from a consultant or agency is fraught with risk. It’s a Wild West industry, that seems to be getting more wild as time passes.
So the question is: how should you protect yourself as a business owner? What do you need to know before hiring help?
This conversation provides an insight into how an agency really works, and how to approach one in a way that negates your risk. 

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