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August 20, 2020

The True Impact of Page Load Speed on Paid Ads (feat. Dan Wilkinson)

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Page speed has been a big thing in SEO for a long time. But many people don’t realise that page speed is very important for paid advertising too.

Dan Wilkinson started work as an AdWords consultant, but was always deeply interested in Google Analytics. He noticed a few years ago that Google and Facebook were penalising certain advertisers without notice or reason. He started spotting patterns: the things that looked like ad fatigue in Facebook or low impression share in Google were in fact indicators of poor page load speed.

Listen now to learn:

  • The typical difference in conversion rate between 2 and 3 seconds
  • Why most web developers are ill-equipped to improve site speed
  • The difference between a ‘web developer’ and a ‘web optimiser’
  • Where the tipping point in performance now lies
  • How improving your paid speed can improve ad profitability, without changing your ads
  • Why Google has introduced ‘Core Web Vitals’, and why it matters
  • The points deduction on page speed for each incremental second in load time
  • What Google is measuring in terms of page speed and user experience
  • The three measurements Google really cares about
  • How to improve performance with lazy loading
  • Page speed advice for Shopify users
  • Page speed comments on all the main ecommerce platforms
  • Page speed challenges with WordPress
  • The fastest Shopify and WordPress themes
  • The fastest non-WordPress page builder
  • A myth surrounding Google Analytics page load time
  • Why blindly pasting tracking codes into the head of the page can slow page load time by 10-15 seconds
  • How to achieve a 98-100 page speed score
  • The page speed problems caused by video
  • What fonts improve page speed (and which ones harm it!)

Dan’s website is (notice also how fast it loads!)

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March 22, 2019

Landing Page Tips: Where to Send Paid Traffic

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How to construct and test appropriate landing pages for your paid search traffic, and key mistakes to avoid. Rob and Jonathan discuss:

  • Why ‘ugly’ landing pages can sometimes convert best
  • Whether to create pages in a page builder, or just use your existing website
  • Why there isn’t a single best landing page format
  • What landing pages to use for remarketing traffic
  • How to create synergy between ad and landing page
  • Core principles for landing page design
  • How to monitor and improve page load time (and why this matters)
  • The landing page mistake that gives Rob ‘red mist’ rage

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