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April 25, 2019

Automated Webinars (feat. Damian Qualter)

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Webinars are a viable sales strategy in any marketing maze, and automated webinars are often positioned as the ultimate ‘quick fix’. Supposedly all you need to do is record a webinar, automate it, and watch the money roll in…
What would possibly go wrong?
Quite a lot, actually. On this episode, webinar expert Damian Qualter explains:
  • Why run a webinar instead of sending people to a video
  • How to run automated webinars ethically
  • Why you should always run a live webinar first
  • How long your webinar should be – and where to place your pitch
  • How to decide on your webinar topic
  • What to offer on your webinar, and at what price
  • Webinar metrics to look at
  • Whether to run webinars for warm or cold audiences
  • How to deal with no-shows
  • Why email alone isn’t enough as a webinar follow-up strategy
Damian’s webinar resource guide (mentioned at the end) is available at Damian’s website is

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