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Email Marketing Systems Uncovered

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Most online conversations about email marketing focus on tools. Everybody wants to know: which email provider is best?
In this episode, Rob and Jonathan discuss the right questions you should be asking and what features to look for when searching for an email marketing system.
They discuss..
  • The difference between Infusionsoft and MailChimp? (hint: there’s a big difference)
  • Why there are so many different price points
  • Why you absolutely should not send emails directly through your domain or with a service like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail
  • The problem with entry-level tools
  • The difference between list-based and contact-record-based tools
  • The power you can add with correctly used tags and custom fields
  • Why you need to consider what your core system is before you even look at which email marketing system to use
If you’re interested in seeing how to send an email in 1984, check out this video.

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July 1, 2019

Holistic Marketing feat. Ben Hunt

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In this episode, Rob and Jonathan are talking to Ben Hunt, marketer, former web designer and author of several books including, “Save the pixel” and “Web design is dead”.
Ben shares a sneak peek at a new concept he’s developing, called Holistic Marketing. If you sell based on expertise and are tired of the marketing funnel analogy, holistic marketing may be a more robust, ethical way to build your business.
In their discussion of Holistic Marketing, they cover…
  • Why web design is more marketing than creative design
  • How you ‘find your space’ and ‘find your place in time’
  • How to create different ways for people to access what you’re offering and why this is important
  • Why you should be as generous as you can with your content
  • Why you shouldn’t simply choose a niche. You must be that niche.
  • Getting paid for who you are not what you do
  • The power of interviews for generating content
  • Looking to the past and the future for content ideas, but inhabiting the present
All Ben’s books are available for free on his website,

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June 21, 2019

Google Remarketing Shenanigans

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You only want to show your remarketing ads to people that have been on your website. But, did you know Google will show your remarketing ads to people that have never been on your site and those that have no idea who you are!
Well, it could be the reason why your remarketing ad campaigns get loads of impressions but few conversions.
In this episode, Rob and Jonathan talk about why, when you’re starting to run remarketing ads you should never have this setting active. They’ll show you how to turn this default feature off.
And, the right time to turn it back on.
NB: Rob mentions ‘conservative optimisation’. Google is in the process of renaming this ‘targeting expansion’.

Select ‘No automated targeting’


‘Targeting expansion’ replaces ‘Conservative optimisation’.

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June 13, 2019

Email marketing myths debunked (feat. Josh Earl)

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In this episode, we’re debunking some of the most common myths surrounding email marketing.

Rob and Jonathan talk to Josh Earl, a copywriter, email marketer and programmer. Josh tells us how he became an email marketer and shares the results of some of his recent email marketing experiments. Listen now to learn about…

  • Inactive subscribers: Should they stay or should they go?
  • When it’s worth including a p.s. in our emails
  • When should we nurture and when should we sell in our emails
  • Why email service providers are not all equal
  • Why many people set up overly complex email marketing systems
  • Some valuable advice for anyone getting started with email marketing
  • Should we segment our messages for different audiences

Visit Josh’s website to learn more about him

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June 6, 2019

The Marketing Tools We Use

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In this episode, we discuss nine marketing tools that we think you should pay attention to.

If you’re confused about which marketing tools to use, we’ll help you get started. Listen now to learn:

  • Why you’re probably asking the wrong marketing questions
  • Nine marketing tools we prefer
  • Why pen and paper can be your best marketing tool
  • Google Ads Editor vs’ Google Adwords. Which is better?
  • Why you should learn some basic design skills
  • Find a tool to easily document the ads that you set up
  • The URL shortening tool that can track sources
  • The essential tool that connects all other tools
  • Why you should spend some time to get to know your CRM system
  • The importance of using a landing page builder
  • Why you should get friendly with Messenger bots

Here’s the link to our conversation about Messenger Marketing and Bot Building.

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