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April 22, 2019

How to better understand your customers (feat. Luke Szyrmer)

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All the profits in your business come from one single source: your customers. No matter how much you know about marketing, you HAVE to understand your customers and what makes them tick.
Luke Szyrmer learned all this the hard way. After seeing multiple of his own start-up enterprises fail, he decided to collaborate with his market instead.
The end result was a tool called the Hero Canvas. By following Luke’s advice, you’ll learn what REALLY matters to your customers. You’ll know what content they want the most… because they’ll have told you. You’ll create a visual map of the content you need to develop for your marketing maze.
Hero Canvas
We KNOW we need to be speaking to customers regularly, but the real question is HOW? Listen now to learn more.
Luke’s website is
Luke’s free Hero Canvas training (mentioned in the podcast) is at

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