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Managing Google Ads for Lead Generation (feat. George Krahn)

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There are more PPC agencies around than ever before. You’ll find PPC experts at every networking meeting. But if you generate leads to feed an offline (or these days online!) sales process, it’s hard to find an agency who can deliver GOOD affordable leads to your sales team.
In this episode, Rob and Jonathan talk with George Krahn, who runs an agency helping people create transparent end-to-end online lead generation systems that deliver on a good ROI. 
Whether you work for an agency, hire an agency or do the work yourself, you’ll get a lot from this wide-ranging, holistic conversation. 
They discuss…
  • An 80/20 holistic approach to improve your systems and generate more leads
  • The importance of retargeting
  • Why you absolutely should be following up with your leads
  • The elements that all good CRMs must have
  • What an audit of your marketing systems will look like and what you’ll get as a result of one
  • Why there’s so much wastage in marketing systems
  • A clear example of where data and a simple tweak saved a client tens of thousands of $s
  • Why you must have conversion tracking in place
  • Why you should know the source of your leads and their most recent activity
To find out more about George Krahn and his agency, Proven Results Marketing, visit
For the 80/20 Marketing Analysis mentioned in the conversation, visit
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July 19, 2020

The Professional Approach To LinkedIn Ads (feat. AJ Wilcox)

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When we talk to people about LinkedIn ads, we usually hear objections such as:

  • “Do they really work?” (Yes)
  • “Aren’t they expensive?” (Cost per qualified lead can be low)

It is time to debunk these myths. LinkedIn have put a lot of work recently into their advertising platform. On this episode, we interview LinkedIn Ads expert AJ Wilcox. On the call AJ explained:

  • What ad format to run with 95% of the time
  • Whether to use single image or single video ads
  • Whether to write long or short copy ads
  • Why people go to LinkedIn, and how they respond to ads
  • How we now have engagement retargeting on LinkedIn 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Why the targeting options on LinkedIn are essential for B2B marketing
  • What customer lifetime value you need to run LinkedIn ads profitably
  • What kinds of offers work on LinkedIn (i.e. what to say in your LinkedIn ads)
  • How to get very senior people to respond to your ads
  • How long to run an offer before changing it
  • What is a reasonable testing budget for new LinkedIn advertisers
  • What’s the lowest budget you can spend to still see results
  • How to complement your paid LinkedIn efforts with organic networking
  • The breakdown between mobile and desktop impressions
  • The two biggest mistakes people make (i.e. how to avoid the ‘LinkedIn Stupidity Tax’)
  • How many ads to test at any time

AJ’s website:

AJ’s free LinkedIn ads checklist:

AJ’s podcast: The LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast

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November 25, 2019

Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile (feat. Ted Prodromou)

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If like Rob, you’re sceptical about the effectiveness of LinkedIn for individual business owners, then listen to this conversation Rob and Jonathan had with Ted Prodromou, author of LinkedIn For Business.

LinkedIn puts your profile in front of 1000s of people each day. So it’s worth spending some time updating and optimising your profile.

In this podcast, Rob, Jonathan and Ted talk about…

  • The importance of using keywords throughout your profile
  • Treating your professional headline and summary like a Google ad
  • Why using Groups is more challenging than it used to be
  • The power of the ‘Insight Tag’
  • Why you should be posting content to your company page
  • The different types of LinkedIn ads that you need to pay attention to
  • LinkedIn is not just for B2B
  • And why, even with LinkedIn, you should be building relationships with people not directly sell to them.

You can find Ted online at his website

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